Monday, 7 August 2017


Last week we got the amazing opportunity to rummage around the treasure trove that is Serotonin Vintage in Shoreditch, the home of all the vintage designer goods you could possibly imagine. It's a personal favourite of ours and one we pop into every time we're wandering about Brick Lane. We were lucky enough to get the chance to head in and play dress up til our hearts were content. I'm sure you can imagine how much fun we had, donning all of the vintage (faux) furs and killer one-off pieces. It was a mega experience and one we want to do all over again!

We wanted to share some photos we took from the inside, because as well as it being the best place to score vintage on the east side, it also has some pretty awesome interior that is begging to be photographed. Who doesn't love a shop that sells kitten heels from the 80's and a crochet swing to sit on to try them on - it's heaven!

See, we weren't lying when we said we tried on ALL of the fur coats. Nothing makes us feel sassier than a glorious fluffy print coat to wear with some heeled boots in the autumn, it might be a few months too early but that wasn't stopping us. Each of us found a coat we adored, which was a great experience being able to finally wear the coat of your dreams, but not so fab having to leave it behind (because we spent our money on breakfast and other clothes before hand).

If you weren't aware, we're pro nudity here on The Girls Club. We applaud body confidence and feeling comfortable as a woman to embrace your beautiful body. So, it was fairly obvious we'd style them with barely anything on underneath, if you can even call that styling. We took our tops off and replaced them with the coats, and I won't lie, we strutted around and looked in the mirror constantly for a good 20 minutes before realising none of us were cool enough for this shit, at least that's what I thought anyway...

When we think of retro clothing, icons like Stevie Nicks, David Bowie and every member of the Spice Girls come to mind. We took an element of all those incredibly well dressed people and let it inspire us when we entered those doors to vintage heaven. Luckily Serotonin Vintage have every era covered, the late sixties and early seventies denim penny lane coats and baker boy hats for me and Georgie, and the Geri Halliwell sequin waist coat for India - because who wouldn't love that?! 

I for one embrace every era past the sixties, donning cord and flares one day, but leather and leopard the next. We're a versatile bunch so it really was hard to resist the temptation of taking every single garment off the hanger and putting it onto our bodies...

If you're all about the designer labels then you need to head in and check out what they've got. I found the best slogan tee by Moschino which made me embrace my true 'hippie' self. As soon as you head through the entrance you're hit by Gucci patterned shirts and the scent of old Diesel leather jackets, so if it's names you want then this is your store!

Words by CJ | Photographs by CJ and India | Clothing supplied by Serotonin Vintage |  Location - 194 BRICK LANE

We had an absolute blast taking it back a few eras and shooting inside your glorious store, so a huge thank you to the Serotonin Vintage team for making three girls who were born in the wrong eras dream come true - we love you!


Monday, 31 July 2017



It's glorious of you to join us on our shiny new website, we can't thank you enough for taking the time and supporting what we do. If you're new here and haven't heard us ramble on yet, then we're about to fill you in on what The Girls Club actually is.
If you're all for female empowerment and supporting the incredibly talented babes in your life; then our new project is for you. We plan to make The Girls Club for all of us. We want to make it the hub of all of your creativity and get as many of you involved as we can to create some amazing content. 

As bloggers, we know how hard it is to be established, get yourself out there and have others accept you. Which is why, here at The Girls Club we want all forms of creatives to get involved and not shy away from our expressive side!

In the future we want to publish our work AND yours, by working together to produce the most bad-ass content. We plan to do photo shoots, styling work and YouTube videos which will include work with our favourite brands and bloggers. Not only do we want to publish our fashion work, but we will be uploading writings about feminism and general lifestyle topics, The Girls Club really does have it all.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, we would love it if you got involved. Simply send us over an email about yourself and what you do, including some samples so we can see just how talented you are! We know you will all love to help us make this a great website, and we don't want to do it without you. We've already shot some killer content for you all to see, but how cool would it be if you could see work that you helped create, on The Girls Club? We want all forms of creatives, stylists, writers, photographers, make-up artists and beyond! So if that's you, get in touch and don't be shy! If you have a babin' best friend who would be down, then send them this way. Just share the love!

We love you all and appreciate the positivity we've already received. We'd also like to say a big thank to Sacred Hawk* for always helping to make us look fucking cool. The three of us are huge fans of the brand, so much so we all opted for their hats on our first meet-up as a girl gang - that's sisterhood if you've ever seen it! Sacred Hawk are fairly new in terms of brands but are already killing it, they feature their stock on Asos (which is obviously the place to be) so you can find all of their wonderful retro goods on there, including these three hats and CJ's rad sweater.

Huge thank you again, we can't wait to see what we can do as one big Girls Club...


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