Monday, 9 October 2017



We as a club wanted to talk about an issue that surfaced on one of our personal Instagram accounts a few days ago. If you follow us all on twitter, you may of seen us tweet in fury about it already. But if you didn’t, then fasten your seat belts and listen up!
India posted this breathtaking self portrait to Instagram. To myself and the rest of our followers, we adored it. We adored the femininity and power that came a long with it. We thought nothing negative towards it, but not everyone agreed. India received a negative commented that brushed a few of us up the wrong way. The comment said ‘omg girl eat’, yeah, ewe! Absolutely disgusting a completely uncalled for.

No body knows what an individual has gone through in life, this comment was hurtful to a lot of us, not just India. Receiving any negative comment on anything we do is hurtful, but when it relates to body issues that’s a whole different matter. It’s unfair to assume that this wouldn’t make someone feel upset, and even more unfair to leave it for everyone else to see and get hurt by too.

Social media is a huge part of bullying and negativity, we all know that, we’re not stupid. When you put yourself online you take these things hand in hand, which of course shouldn’t be the way, but sadly it is. The trouble with these types of comments is that they are far too common, especially on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. I see people expressing themselves in the most incredible ways, yet be shut down by small minded idiots. I myself follow countless YouTubers and see these types of comments endlessly, and it’s just not acceptable. We as individuals put ourselves out there to create amazing content and have people put us down in all ways imaginable. We can’t let these people bring us down, but then again we are only human and can only handle so much.

This is one that didn’t sit right with me, and a lot of other people too. I won’t sit back and let someone body shame another, whether their my best friend or not, I will have my say and shut these so called ‘trolls’ down.

What blew my mind the most was how this person replied back and said ‘it’s a compliment’, which just added salt to the wound. So many people struggle with body and health issues, and to see someone tell another human being to eat is damaging and completely mind blowing.

I think it’s important to think before we speak, a lot of subjects can be hurtful and we need to acknowledge this more. India is a strong and powerful woman who won’t let another girl bring her down, but sometimes we do take these comments to heart.

Eating disorders and mental health issues are nothing to comment on, and it’s in no way a compliment to say someone needs to eat more. If you yourself struggle with these issues, we are here for you and we are so sorry if you’ve fought with this before. We know how it feels to be judged and ridiculed by on line users, it’s nothing new here, but it needs to be monitored and considered more.

The moral of the story is, if you’ve got something negative to say, don’t fucking say it. Words can hurt.

Words by CJ | Photograph by India via @india_pixie

Thursday, 14 September 2017


So here you have it, our first YouTube video. We posted on Instagram asking for your questions so you could get to know us a little better, and here are our answers! We're new to this YouTube thing, so bare with us while be get the hang of it all. We're delighted to be creating more types of content for you all, and will continue to make videos in the future. Prepare for vlogs and behind the scenes footage of what we get up to here on The Girls Club. For now though, we hope you enjoy our first effort! You can subscribe to keep up to date when we post new videos, and we'd love some feedback and ideas for upcoming content.

Huge thank you to those who sent us questions, we couldn't squeeze them all in so we'll be sure to keep Q&A's frequent! Again, thanks for the love and enjoy!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Nervously waiting in the Models1 reception in Covent Garden I suddenly thought to myself, ‘hang on, how did I end up here again?’.

So sure, I didn’t win the contract with Models1 x SkinnyDip, but entering the Instagram competition on the back of my ladies’ reminders (thanks CJ I will forever aspire to be organised like you) actually led me to be invited for the final casting at Models1 in London. 

Like, that’s pretty fucking cool.

My point is that even when you think there’s no point or you won’t get noticed, sometimes you actually do. And this applies to so many different scenarios as well. 

When I messaged CJ and India with the hopes of being picked as the third member of The Girls Club, I never thought I’d end up meeting them both at Kings Cross just a couple weeks later, and then progressing to shoot with amazing brands and creating kick-ass content for the weeks to follow. It’s so surreal, but so good!

For me this outfit is taking a lil chance too because I wasn’t sure my ab-less stomach would really rock this shirt as well as I wanted it too, but to be honest as soon as I put it on I felt fab, and it turned out to be one of my favourite shoots with India teaching me how to ‘smize’ and us three just having a good laugh.

Just like the other girls, I have been falling head over heels for Sacred Hawk lately and they can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. If you want a statement piece that’s gonna make you feel snazzy this is definitely the brand to go for (check out our last two posts in the series to see what I mean!) and the clothes are affordable too.

If there’s ever a time where you’ve got two options staring you in the face (go for it/or don’t), always pick the one that could potentially add something to your life. 

You might not win every time and you might not always be lucky enough to grab every opportunity, but if you at least take a chance on each shot you’re given then you’re welcoming all kinds of amazing things into your life and it might just surprise you how much you actually end up achieving!

Words by Georgie | Styled by Georgie| Photographs by CJ 
Top - Sacred Hawk* | Trousers - Boohoo | Hat - Serotonin Vintage
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