Last week we posted an interview with The Unidentified Rocker talking about all things style, music and the brand he works for, PHIX. In the interview we touched on the brand itself and what it evokes, this week we're showing you how we styled some of their  pieces.

We wanted to take on the challenge of styling a purely menswear brand and making it our own, choosing styles we loved no matter what gender they stereotypical fit. We think it's so important to wear whatever you please, whether it's mostly men's shirts or women's dresses, it doesn't matter to us. We spend a lot of time in the menswear department without even thinking about the fact it's made for men. We wear what we do because we love and enjoy fashion, we don't want to stick to specific gender roles. Fashion is all about experimenting and we love the kick we get out of trying new things. If you raided our wardrobes you'll see a good 50/50 split of men's and women's clothes. We like to think that labels don't exist in our closets.

To us, this is the norm. We don't think twice about anything we wear. But to some, it just doesn't  seem right. We've both struggled with negativity surrounding a purchase of a mans shirt, with us it just doesn't matter and we hope it doesn't matter to you either. 

When we got to Manchester we were so excited to meet the team at PHIX, we've loved what they've done for so long, that it only seemed right we stopped off at their office to get a real insight into what they do. Our favourite thing to do is to scroll through their Instagram feed,  or scan their website for inspiration. It helps that it's filled with friends of ours that just so happen to be very beautiful, but even without these male models we love what they bring to their socials. Packed full of throw back images of rock and roll stars, dreamy product shots and that epic Manchester scenery. 

The brand really does evoke every sense of Manchester. Sticking to it's mod roots while bringing in some rock and roll flare. Whether you're more of a mod than a rocker it doesn't matter, they've got it all. Myself and Georgie have had numerous debates over whether we'd be a mod or a rocker, for me it's no question. I love everything about the mod style, but I can't help but sway more towards the leather and lace aspect of it all. Let's just say Georgie's more The Stone Roses, were as I'm more The Rolling Stones. This is why we wanted to style some PHIX product, because we both have different tastes and the brand has pieces to suit us both. 







Before shooting we met the owner of PHIX and had a brief chat about the company, asking for  his thoughts on women wearing his clothing, to which we loved his answer. Plain and simple, he loves it. He enjoys seeing anyone in it and finds it so rewarding seeing people rocking the brand in general. 

Without letting you in to too much, there are exciting things coming for PHIX. They already have their brand sold in Camden's Mod Father, which is where the likes of Paul Weller and Pete Doherty shop, so they are already branching out into the London scene which is incredible and a perfect fit for the brand. 

Once we'd squeezed every bit of information out of the team, we finally got to shooting some of their famous shirts. I chose the White Leopard Velvet Kaftan as well as the Velvet Paisley Kaftan, two prints that are close to my heart. The Unidentified Rocker stated in our previous interview that I looked better in them then he did (not true, by the way), which was a delight to hear as that was the whole point of doing this shoot, to show people that woman can look just as good in men's clothing as they do - sometimes even better!

Georgie chose the Lonely Hearts Kaftan and as well as a paisley number. The Lonely Hearts Kaftan looked amazing next to her freshly dyed hair and pink flares, it was the perfect combination to show off her colourful and unique style.

Huge thank you to the team for having us round! We're so excited to see what the future holds for PHIX, they now have a serious place in our hearts.