As Girl's Club we've already worked with some amazing brands, but ticking Jeepers Peepers off the list was quite something for us as a duo. It's not often you'll see us without a pair of shades on our face, whether it's because we didn't sleep the night before, forgot to put mascara on or simply because they tend to make an outfit. Either way, they are always a part of our look. We are complete suckers for them as an accessory, so teaming up with Jeepers Peepers was a total dream for us.

Not only did we shoot some pieces from their latest collection, but we're also being featured on their blog. It's yet to go live, but if you follow us on our socials we can keep you up to date on that exciting project. But, as we are very impatient individuals, we can't help but want to share some of the questions we got asked by the team at Jeepers Peepers with you lot over here. We've reversed the roles and let someone interview us for a change! We haven't spilled all of the questions and we'll leave some to those guys, but below we have selected a few Q's that we often get asked about our work...

JEEPERS PEEPERS (JP) - Who do you look at for inspiration to influence your individual styles?

GEORGIE - We're both massive fans of Instagram when it comes to style inspo, it's a constant stream of free content at your fingertips, and it's full of endless ideas when it comes to fashion. I'm also really nosy and I just love having a look at what people are wearing and how they're styling up different items, especially when there's something different about them and they don't play by the rules. I love when people dress kinda wacky or unconventional but still make it look really slick and wearable, and Instagram is full of that kind of creativity.

CJ - I'd have to agree, I'm forever scrolling through my feed saving images for inspiration. A lot of people complain about social media and the influence others have on us as a generation, but being inspired everyday by other creatives and their personal style is amazing and something I'd hate to be without. I have a select few people on Instagram whose profiles I look at relgiously such as Joely Malcolm, Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Jo Stark. I would list you a good fifty females, but these three are my current influences!




JP - Do you find listening to music can help you be more creative whilst creating content - what's currently at the top of your playlist?

CJ - We are forever listening to music, we've even created a mixtape for our site with all of our current favourite songs on. We've got bands ranging from Oasis to Duran Duran, and of course some strong female artists like Haim and Joan Jett. We couldn't get half the amount of work we get done without some serious tunes on in the background!

JP - What advice would you give to anyone who may be reading this, who wants to become a content creator?

GEORGIE - Just go for it! Don't spend too long planning and trying to figure it all out because honestly it's all trial and error, especially at the beginning anyway. As long as you have a passion and you're prepared to meet and talk to lots of new people then that will take you a long way. Oh, and self belief and perseverance in equal measures!





JP - How would you describe the Jeepers Peepers brand?

GEORGIE - It's fun, quirky and colourful, which is everything that we are about. There's something for everyone, whether you just want some effortlessly cool sunnies to complete an outfit, or you want some big, bright statement pairs for a festival, you can guarantee that Jeepers Peepers have something you'll love!

JP - What is your favourite pair of sunglasses from the Jeepers Peepers collection?

CJ - We both fought over the Clear Pink Rounds, but I let Georgie have them as I'm always wearing that style so it's about time I went for something different! I love the Brown Retro Aviators I styled, I'm a huge sucker for an aviator as it's totally seventies and that's what I love most. I will say it was hard to pick, there is so much to choose from, especially if you're pretty daring with your eyewear like we are!

We'll leave the rest of the Q&A's to them, so do stay tuned over on our Instagram and Twitter for updates on when that will be going live. We had so much fun working for Jeepers Peepers and we can't wait to share the full interview with you soon.