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Our South West Chapter

Welcome Exeter Girls ✨ We're so happy to have you here!

The Girls Club originated in Cardiff in 2021, originally starting as a once-a-month book club, then expanding to offer more events including yoga workshops, cinema clubs and supper clubs. You can find out more about our Cardiff Girls Club here. 

In mid-2023, our founder, Alice-Rae, moved down to Exeter, and immediately missed the connections, friendships and wholesome get-togethers that she'd grown used to in Cardiff. That's when the idea of The Girls Club was born. Based in two locations, offering similar events, with one goal in mind - to connect like-minded women who are living in the same area. 

Exeter Girls Club is in its infancy, and if you have suggestions for things you'd like to see, or people you'd like us to connect with, let us know using the contact form. Initially, we're going to be starting small with Exeter Girls Book Club, then growing to include Exeter Hot Girl Walks, Exeter Girls Supper Clubs and more. 

Exeter Girls Club is a relaxed, intimate and informal space for women to connect over shared interests, it's why we operate like a private members club, requiring all members to fill out an application before joining. This helps us ensure all members are aligned in their expectations from the group. 

Want to join us? Click here to join our Meetup group where you can find all our events. 

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