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Introducing The Girls Club ✌️

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

You might know us as Cardiff Girls Club or this might be your first time here - welcome!

We've changed a bit, and we want to tell you why...

We started off in 2021 as Cardiff Girls Club, specialising in connecting young women in Cardiff over shared interests and making genuine connections with each other. For two years we ran a series of successful book clubs, book swap brunches, supper clubs, pottery painting events, and more! Cardiff Girls Club isn't going anywhere (we promise!), however we are excited to announce we've grown a little...

That's where The Girls Club comes in, a collective that houses both Exeter Girls Club and Cardiff Girls Club ✨ We like to think of them as best friends. Exeter Girls Club was founded in 2023, after our founder moved back to the South West, and found there was no organisation dedicated to connecting young women in the area. Much like when she was in Cardiff, she decided if what she wanted didn't exist, she'd create it, and Exeter Girls Club was born.

Exeter Girls Club will be starting small, initially starting with a monthly book club, however we hope to grow in the coming months and introduce our Hot Girl Walks series as well as our supper clubs. We have the same ethos as Cardiff Girls Club, we're all about connecting young women over shared interests who live locally to Exeter area.

We're so excited about this new chapter in The Girls Club story, and we can't wait to bring you with us.

Love, The Girls Club x

If you want to join Exeter Girls Club, click here.
If you want to join Cardiff Girls Club, click here.

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